Memorial Gardens (about remembering my grandfathers)

The Memorial Garden should honour all those who fought and died in the war and it should be a symbol of hope and of a better future for all. (1) With our school Royal Atheneum in Ostend Centrum, we decided to participate in this project. Hop Store Cemetery in Vlamertinge was allocated to us to fill with our students one sandbag or so-called ,,vaderlandertje” with the holy soil in which British soldiers are burried. This sandbag together with the texts our students composed or selected, will be transported on the 11th of November 2013 to England. It will be integrated in a new 1st World War memorial in London.

To me we must remember that the war was fought by the working classes who comprised at that time 80% of all European countries’ populations in 1913 and evenso in Belgium, where  both my grandfathers from my father’s and mother’s side, Albert Ghyselen en Leo Kint, fought in that dirty war from the beginning till the end (respectively at the Yzer-frontline at Boezinge and Pervyze). They were like the hundreds of thousands of other boys who were sent to their slaughter by governments that didn’t care to represent their citizens if they were working poor and under-educated. That’s the reason I want to remember them, not more or less than this. (2)




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