3d of March – 22nd of March 2016

First we need time to mourn, just like the mother with her son, a miner who died of the ,,firedamp’’-catastrophe the 4th of March 1887 in the coalmine of Quaregnon (work of Constantin Meunier), a work we learned to know during our recent visit at the ,,Fin de Siècle’’Museum in Brussels on the 3d of March, unsuspectingly and safe…


,,Grauwvuur”/Constantin Meunier

Then we need to think and re-think, just like Auguste Rodin’s thinker, about our own part in the geopolitics-strategy in the neighbouring Middle-East: our failing diplomacy, our weapontrade towards countries who are sustaining extremist movements; about our polarising internal politics, continuously blaming the victim and the Other.


De denker/Auguste Rodin

,,Atrocity demands solidarity. Absolute sympathy for the victims; for all victims. To insist on having an opinion, not the knowing sneer of someone who was right all along, but undiminished solidarity in the face of devastation. To fight against those who attack concerts and cafes, those who bomb cities with fighter jets and with their own bodies, those who abandon migrants to the cold outside their borders and those who sent them fleeing. To struggle: the common struggle of all who suffer, against suffering.’’ (1)

Then perhaps, the sky above Bruxelles la belle will clear up again.


Bruxelles, ma belle.













(1) Sam Kriss, How to Politicize a Tragedy, https://www.jacobinmag.com/2015/11/paris-attacks-bataclan-hollande-beirut/