Helen by Euripides on stage

I was really happy our students could do something on stage during the 3d exchange of our Cononect-Erasmus+project in Larissa (GR). It took some time getting inspired by Euripides’ text. But some of them really wanted to go for it. They also had to act in English and for all of them this was new.

When we started reading the text in the period of March-April, it wasn’t decided yet that complementary subjects in ,,Humanities” at my school, such as ,,Drama” or ,,Music/Image culture” were going to be cancelled and replaced by other more needed (?) subjects. Now it seems to be like this and it’s completely wrong. Playing drama is cultivating one’s imagination and a necessary step in human development, because here you learn to transfer yourself into the position of the other. Each drama performance is excercising empathy, as a player, but evenso for the spectator.