Ceramics lab at Mengaroni Istituto del Arte Pesaro

Ceramic tile painted by hand.

During our stay in Pesaro (3d Exchange Comeniusproject ,,Arts in Europe as a melting pot of plural cultural identities”, from 11th til 16th of March 2012) we were introduced into the fascinating art of ceramics, one of the study objects at Istituto del Arte Mengaroni, our partnerschool. For me this lab was one of the highpoints during the exchange. I never experienced it before and the fact that we could experiment ourselves by designing a ceramic tile was really top! Graziemille to the schoolhead Mrs. Marcella Tinazzi and her helpful staff of teachers-artists!

The video of the ceramics lab: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KhCJHsfMSBo&feature=youtu.be