Comenius with Marseille and Pesaro: what did our students learn?

Evaluation by our students
Comeniusproject ,,Arts in Europe as a melting pot of plural identities.’’ (2010-2012, Marseille-Oostende-Pesaro).

1.What are your best memories of this project?
,,I think that every moment in the project is unforgettable. We saw a lot of things; they were all beautiful in their way. Sometimes there were disappointing moments but I think they fade away if you review of all the good ones! ‘’

,,The friends I made and also the things we learned from different cultures when I was in Marseille and in Pesaro, cause they are both different.’’

,,I definitely have a lot of memories about this project. What I liked a lot was seeing the students from Marseille and Pesaro back. The first time when they came to Ostend and the second time when we all went to Pesaro. To me one of the nicest moment was when we went to ‘les Iles de Frioul’ because here we had a chance to talk with the other students. I enjoyed listening to them and learning about their life. I liked comparing our schools, our families and other things.’’

,,De nieuwe mensen die ik heb ontmoet uit Marseille en Pesaro, maar ook mensen van onze school die deelnamen aan het project heb ik beter leren kennen.’’

,,When the Comenius students came to Belgium.’’

,,I have a lot of great memories. For example: the day at the beach in Marseille, or the fashion show in Pesaro. But the thing that I will remember  most, is the hospitality of the family in Italy. We didn’t always understand what the other said, but one way or the other it worked out perfectly. I will never forget them 🙂 .’’

,,The best memories I have are probably the nights we have spend together. The nights in Pesaro with the families who received us, the nights in Marseille where we all met as well as the nights in Ostend where we received the French and Italian students. Also the attachment that was created between the students was great. The last night in Pesaro was really painful. The fear of not see these people again was horrible, but now I’m sure we’ll see each other again in the future.’’

,,The best memories where when they came to Ostend, when we visited the basket and Bruges. When we visited Pesaro the best memory was when we visited Urbino and the evening with the hosts.’’

,,The best memories I had were staying in an Italian family and learning about their habits, seeing what a beautiful city Marseille is.’’

2.Are you ready to keep in touch with your European partners after tonight (the end of the project in Marseille)?
,,We weren’t there. But after Pesaro (our last trip) (: Yes, even if it’s not always even simple. ‘’

,,Definitely, I’m staying in contact now with Alessandro from Pesaro and some students from Marseille and I really love them so I definitely will keep in touch with the other students.’’

,,I am definitely keeping touch with some people. I occasionally talk with Souadou and Angelo. In Marseille I also met Yasmine. We still keep in touch even though I didn’t see her in Ostend or in Pesaro. When I will go back to Marseille I will certainly visit her!’’

,,Ja, zeker weten! Ik heb nog steeds een goeie band met een aantal mensen (voornamelijk mensen uit Pesaro). We praten nog af en toe via Facebook over onze ervaringen en het verdere verloop van onze toekomst.’’

,,Yes I have already a really good contact with some of the students.’’

,,Yes, I am definitely willing to try and I have been talking to two friends, but I’m realistic, it is difficult to stay friends this way.’’

,,Yes, I’m fairly positive about that. I still have contact with the Italian student who received me at her house. Maybe I’ll have more contact with the Italian students because they were very social. ‘’

,,I have chatted with a few of them when we came back and I am ready to continue this.’’

,,I want to stay as much in touch with the rest, and I will try, but I don’t know if that will stay possible in a couple of months.’’

3.Would you recommend a Comenius Project to your…(Say why):
a/ best friends b/worst enemies c/others?

,,To everyone, it’s a one life opportunity, so don’t think and just go! First I was not sure if I would participate but I was very happy that I made the 2 trips and if you have the chance to do what I have done, just go for it.’’

,,Because it was the best experience I’ve ever had and the trip to Pesaro and Marseille was amazing and I’m glad that I was a part of the project and I got to know all these interesting people and I really would recommend it to everyone cause it’s just a great experience that may never happen ever again and if they ask me to do it all over again I would say a thousand times yes. ‘’

,,a)I would recommend this project to my friends because I think everyone should have a life experience like this. Although I know not everyone would like it. Some people just don’t have the right attitude. b) Of course I wouldn’t recommend this to my worst enemies –not that I have enemies-. I don’t like people that aren’t open-minded, so they could be my opponents. I’m convinced that you cannot join this project if you aren’t flexible! Besides I wouldn’t want my enemies to have a nice experience! c) I would recommend this project to everyone I like. I am sharing my story with people I like and they all react very positive! So I recommend them to take a similar chance whenever they have the possibility.’’

,,a/ best friends – Omdat je er veel nieuwe mensen en culturen beter door leert kennen. Je kunt je beter inleven in de situaties van leeftijdsgenoten uit andere landen. Je krijgt een beter zicht op hoe onderwijs/cultuur in elkaar zit (op Europees vlak).’’

,,C) others: because my best friends are leaving school and can’t participate anymore. I recommend it to all the students of KAO1.’’

,,I would recommend it to everyone who is open to other cultures and who wants to learn more about it.’’

,,I recommend such project to everyone! It’s a life-time experience and you learn a lot about other cultures. It’s crazy how you can create a bond in such a small period. ‘’

,,To everyone who have the time and the goodwill for doing this. This was an unforgettable experience.’’

,,I would recommend a project like this to everyone, it’s fun and you see so many beautiful things.’’

4.Have you become richer: a/culturally? b/linguistically? c/artistically? d/socially (friendship)
,,I saw a different kind of art, so that was really enriching. I also learned a few words of Italian and communicate with someone who doesn’t speak English. I think that if that happens again, it would be easier to explain something whit my hands and understandable words. Language shouldn’t be a reason for not going. Everything is possible if you really want.’’

,,All of the 4 cause we’ve met different cultures and we had to speak English and French so I also learned a lot to speak better English and French and learned also some Italian words. Artistically I learned some artists in Pesaro and Italy and in the school we could see different types of art and different art lessons. And of course last but not least we made some incredible and sweet friends and not only those who were in the Comenius group but also students from the school itself. ‘’

,,a) Since I talked to different students from different schools I absolutely learned a lot about their culture!
b) I was talking a lot with the French student. Before I started a conversation I always said that I would try to speak French but that then may correct me whether I made a mistake. Souadou for example always helped me! He even corrects my messages to him, which I am thankful for.
c) I became richer artistically because during the trips to Marseille en Pesaro we visited a lot of monuments. At the time I didn’t know them, but now that I have seen these buildings and places I know what ‘grown-ups’ are talking about.
d) I have really become more social. I have met a lot of people in a very short time. I tried to talk to everyone. Now that I know more different people I can easier understand what people are like and what they want. ‘’

Ja, door het deelnemen aan de culturele activiteiten en het bezoeken van monumenten.
Ook op sociaal vlak heb ik dingen bijgeleerd (gastgezin).
Absoluut! Het Italiaans leren wij niet op school, dus het was zeker interessant om eens in een omgeving te leven waar ze voortdurend Italiaans praatten (gastgezin). Engels heb ik nauwelijks bijgeleerd, dat vond ik wel jammer, maar ik denk dat wij (de Belgen) het beste Engels konden praten t.o.v. de Italianen of de Fransen. Frans heb ik ook bijgeleerd maar in mindere mate.
Ik vond de artistieke school Mengaroni in Pesaro heel leuk om te bezoeken. De Italianen zijn sowieso in het algemeen wel artistieker en veel meer bezig met kunst dan onze groep (denk ik). Maar wij hebben wel goed ons best gedaan vond ik, in het ceramics lab bijvoorbeeld  Ikzelf ben denk ik wel artistieker geworden, in de zin van dat ik iets meer stilsta bij kunst dan vroeger.
d/socially (friendship)
Sowieso ook, want dat moet ook vind ik. Je bent in een totaal andere omgeving en je begeeft je in een andere cultuur dus is het noodzakelijk dat je nieuwe contacten legt en dat is denk ik wel goed gelukt. Ik vond de tweede uitstap (Pesaro) wel beter geslaagd qua contacten leggen en zo, geen idee hoe dat komt. Misschien moesten we nog een beetje wennen.’’

,,Only D) socially (friendship).’’

,,a/culturally b/linguistically d/socially (friendship)’’

,,I surely became socially and culturally richer. I met a lot of fantastic people and I will never forget that. If I could do it again, I wouldn’t hesitate. I also learned a lot about the habitudes of French and Italian people. It made me realize that, even if they live far, they just look like us. They maybe live differently, but they still are the same. ‘’

,,a/culturally: I have seen a lot of beautiful museums and landscapes. b/linguistically: I have learned a few words of Italian and I can understand now better French. c/artistically: I have ‘tried’ to make a stone tablet but it didn’t work so good. d/socially (friendship): I have spoken, been with people who I normally never would have met.’’

,,I have become a better person myself. I’m more social now, and I know more about making myself clear to someone who doesn’t really understand a language that I understand. I also had a lot of fun with the arts projects so I restarted playing piano.’’

5. Have you become more European?
,,I already was a little bit European. Maybe now I am more. I don’t know. But I’m shore about that I would like to visit the whole continent if I had the chance to do that. This trip makes me more curious about all the rest of the world.’’

,,I don’t actually know what to say on this question.’

,,I don’t think that I became more European. I always felt European –and I am proud of it-, even before the project. Maybe because I have already been to Italy and France. Since I was a little girl we –my family and I – always travelled a lot.
Despite this I have learned more about Europe! I am very grateful that I had the possibility to join this project!’’

,,Hm, ik voel me wel meer betrokken dan voor het project. Ik heb –zoals ik al zei- nu een beter zicht op bepaalde situaties, bijvoorbeeld in Marseille of Pesaro. Ik stel vast dat de leerlingen op zich niet zo vaak verschillen van ons, ze denken eigenlijk het zelfde. Enkel hun cultuur en gewoontes zijn soms anders, maar dat is net wat het boeiend maakt.’’

,,I don’t think so. I’m a European, but not more then before.
I had a really nice experience !!’’

,,No, before Comenius I already felt strongly about Europe. Being a member of the European Union is more important for me than being a Belgian citizen.’’

,,I don’t think this made me more European. There are more countries in Europe and the culture in other countries is more different than France and Italy. I should discover all the cultures in Europe before I could call myself more European.’’

,,I think I am now more open to different people and learned to work together.’’

,,I don’t think I’ve become more European, but I do understand more about how other Europeans live. I had so much fun doing this!’’

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