Jewish students of our school commemorated after more than 60 years…

Friday evening the 6th of May six names of Jewish students of our Atheneum were put on a memorial plate in our school. They ended their lives in the concentration camp of Auschwitz during the Second World War, after they had been deported by Flemish and German fascists. Now their names have been put on the plate, together with the names of other victims (soldiers, camp-prisoners and resistance-fighters). It was never known why the Jewish students had to wait more than 60 years to have their names on the memorial plate. But now justice has been done. Herman Schindler (born on 06/11/1921); Albert Schindler (06/07/1925); Joachim Speier-Holstein (05/01/1926); Simone Schendorf (03/07/1927); Henriette Szpiro (06/05/1928); Regina Szpiro (16/11/1926)… will never be forgotten again.
On Friday our students of the third grade visited remnants of the 2nd World War in Ostend; other students went to the cinema to see the movie The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. In the afternoon three camp-survivors of the Second World War were invited at school to witness about the horror of the Teutonian barbarism in our country during World War II. One of them was a girlfriend of one of the Jewish deported students.


The event was also covered by the regional tv-station Focus-WTV:

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