Teasers Comenius exchange 2 at Ostend 3-7/10/11

Pop art at Mu.Zee (Ostend, 5/10)


Marcel Broodthaers at Mu.Zee (Ostend; 5/10)

The Belgian poet Marcel Broodthaers (Brussels 1924-Cologne 1976) was unable to sell his collection ,,Pense-Bête” in the early sixties. He decided to finish with poetry. He embedded 44 of his unsold collections into plaster. Broodthaers had a clear interest in the relationship between word and image, with assemblages of empty egg shells and mussel shells: ,,moule” means both mussel and mould in French. Or rebus-like representations originating from various sign systems (like in this movie above). In ’68 he even opened a fictitious museum with empty transport crates and a couple of reproductions of paintings. He discussed the role of the museums and the manner in which art works are displayed: he criticised hypocricy and perversion of power in our society: the emphasis is on the idea, which is more important than the graphic design. Conceptual art.


Teaser for Comenius project Ostend-Marseille-Pesaro.
James Ensor is waiting for you at Mu.Zee Ostend Wednesday 10/5 2p.m.


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