Finally, spring

the 22th of May 2010:

Ann's sunny border: ,,flamingo''-tulip with on the background black iris.

Colours gradually come up in some parts of the garden.

In the vegetable part: three different species of ,,rucola” were sown last weekend:

– a species with olive foliage (Vilmorin);

– the rucola selvatica ,,speedy” and

– rucola selvatica Napoli (Somers),  the ,,real” rucola, at least according to the text on the sacket.

After one week the ,,speedy” is already coming up. I’m afraid the one with the olive foliage, mediterranean looking variety will sit on the fence…

One compost heap is now run out completely.  I started with the second and last one also, because it’s more or less adjacent to our neighbours behind. They want to construct a new building, which will luckily will have no influence on the scarce sunshine in the vegetable garden from this side.

detail iris

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