Freaky foxglove/Pelorische topbloem van de ,,Digitalis purpurea”

For the first time we had a peloric form of our foxglove (vingerhoedskruid). It must be a rather rare genetic variety of the foxglove. Less common than the beautiful white seedlings you get after some years, when you let them sow and grow as they like.

This is what I found about our ,,monster”:

“The common foxglove is one of the best
examples. It has a monstrous variety, which is very showy because it
bears on the summit of its raceme and branches, large erect cup-shaped
flowers, which have quite a different aspect from the normal
thimbleshaped side-blossoms. These flowers are ordinarily described as
belonging to the anomaly … known as “peloria,” or regular form of a
normally symmetric type; they are large and irregular on the stems and
the vigorous branches but slender and quinate on the weaker twigs. Their
beauty and highly interesting anomalous character has been the cause of
their being described many times, and nearly always as a novelty; they
have been recently re-introduced into horticulture as such, though they
were already cultivated before the middle of the last century. About
that time very good descriptions with plates were published in the
journal “Flora” by Vrolik, but afterwards they seem to have been
forgotten. The peloric variety of the foxglove always comes true from
seed, though in the strict sense of the word which we have chosen for
our discussion, it does not seem to be a constant and pure variety.”


Freaky foxglove

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