Naked ladies popping up

Their translucent petals, which make the flowers look like goblets of light.

Don’t misunderstand me. This is the ,,Colchicum autumnale’’ (,,herfsttijloos’’ in Dutch). In English there is the more common name of ,,Naked ladies’’ or even ,,Surprise Lily’’ or ,,Magic Lily’’, which is false, because by the latter two is meant the ,,Lycoris squamigera’’.
,,Naked Ladies’’ stands for the pink-white sudden arising of this flower, in full autumn season, coming from nowhere, because there is no sign of leaves before flowering. The leaves are produced long after the flowering and when winter has passed,… in spring. For this reason the Dutch name ,,herfsttijloos’’, which can be translated by ,,autumn timeless’’ referring to the chaotic ,,timeless’’ regime of this plant, is better. Their translucent petals, which make the flowers look like goblets of light.
Colchicum is a very toxic drug plant. But in very small quantities colchicine is used in the treatment against gout, but you better don’t experiment with it. In ancient times children found their toys in nature; the capsules with seeds of the colchicum were sometimes picked as a rattle, a very dangerous rattle, because some kids ate the seeds and died. A deadly dose of 1 mg colchicine is enough and one seed contains already 4 mg.


Autumn crocus

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