Caffè Piccardo revisited (Oneglia)

Caffè Piccardo at Piazza Dante in Oneglia (Imperia) is one of those places to be, apart from the Villa Grock or the free beaches of the Capo Berta. The location gives you a glimpse of the Torino arcades outside and a Viennese coffeehouse inside at the same time and for us it’s also the place where we our Ligurian life began, now more than two years ago. The German seller of the house invited us at Piccardo’s, after we went to the notary in Imperia to pass the deed of sale. Therefore to us the place got some sense of meaningfulness and destiny, the point of no return in one’s life, if there is one…


For the rest: Piccardo is coffee, brioche, ice cream, chocolate ice cream, focaccine, pastry in all varieties, panettoni (Christmas cakes), pandolci (sweatbread), le colombe (Eastern cakes)… all together. A ,,caffè’’ for all seasons and for everybody, if you see the list of celebrities who passed there: Italo Calvino, Sandro Pertini, Armando Testa, Georg Baselitz, Luciano Berio… (2)
(1) Foto Ann De Vlamynck

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