Harvesting olives 1st-2nd November 2011

This year the trees seemed really loaded, after the terrible harvest in 2010 when the olive fruit fly (Bactrocera oleae) damaged most of our trees. On the 1st of November we started picking and could collect 22,5 kilo in five hours. Another 22 kilo was collected the day after. Rain was forecasted on Thursday the 3d and so we had to stop and went to the nearby olive mill of Simone and Romani Rossi at San Damiano to press the harvest.

But before we selected the bigger olives to conserve them in ,,salamoia”. So we hope to consume seven kilo’s of olives next year. Our neighbours from Genova will take care of the olives, while we are in Belgium. The salty water (10% salt on water) has to be refreshed every 40 days, three times and then the olives should be ready for consumption.

Very loaded olive trees this year!

First spreading nets and then starting the picking.

Beautiful weather (20°C) to harvest...

The result of our efforts...

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