How to start a Lamborghini…

Thanks to Sigi, the ,,italianization’’ of Sigismund, the ,,Austriaco’’ in Stellanello, better known as ,,installatore di riscaldamento’’ (=central heating technician) for the first time we fully enjoy our Lamborghini heating system. No spring at the Riviera coast this week and neither in the Ligurian mountains more inland. After a warm and sunny 20° degrees on Sunday, the day we arrived, temperatures fell down the rest of the week to a moderate and grey 12° and even cellared on a humble 9° the day we closed down. Not one day later it even snowed in the Bormida Valley.

Inside the house until now temperature seems continuously hold on 16-17° in midseason, but we never experienced it in midwinter. It’s rather hard though to get the temperature  up till a livable 20° only with gas burners, in a house that has been closed up for several months during wintertime. So, our attention this week went to the probably broken down central heating system in the cellar again, bearing the glorious name of ,,Lamborghini’’, presumably dating from the late 70ies. During a first check-up last summer the compression barrel broke down, with water pouring all over the place. Moreover the circulation pump didn’t start whatever we tried. But who cared: it was full summer and temperature over 30°. R.I.P. Lamborghini. That was then.

Now the Lamborghini had to be revitalized and Sigi – our last hope – was called up. Yes, we thought Lamborghini was something exclusive for racing cars and sportive vehicles. But totally wrong, today Lamborghini stands for cars, tractors, solar panels, water treatment, air-conditioners, air heaters, hydraulic components, D.O.C. wines, Golf carts and… burners.

Cavaliere Ingegnere Ferruccio Lamborghini began his business in 1946; after the oil crisis it got in serious financial problems and went over to Chrysler and a short adventure in Formula 1 later, it belongs to the Audi-Volkswagen group now.  Fewer than 3,000 cars roll off the production line each year, but after some hard years it makes profit again… (1)

As a consequence we couldn’t wait for the moment to see ,,Austriaco’’ Sigi revitalize our broken down Lamborghini. And yes, what an extraordinary parallelism between  world economical history and our bare existence! All Ligurian gods were with us. In our cellar the Lamborghini hums and snores as never before, just like the fighting bull on the red field in its logo. We had to let the oil tank fill.  If the one and only ecologist minister for environment Belgium ever had, would have seen it, she was probably ready for a heart attack. But this is Italy and ecologists are a rather anonymous minority within the left wing opposition, which is nowadays a minority too. Anyhow in spite of all our beliefs concerning ecological footprints we got the temperature inside on 20° after three days! Together with the planned roof isolation of ,,Mickey Mouse’’ Piana and son, it already seems to be our best investment ever! 



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