San Rocco 2017

Lots of interesting chats with friends and neighbours from Caio, Caselle, San Damiano, Genua and Pieve di Teco. So, I forgot to take photographs of all the delicious snacks we prepared and could only register the rests and the emptiness of bottles and plates, and the coffee and icecream time at the end. We got about thirty guests at Guagnolo’s yearly highlight and the ,,ospite’’ Elisabetta was very happy afterwards.

Now we must convince il ,,Don’’ to spend his money for the restoration of the San Rocco painting above the altar in the chapel; the dog of the saint is slightly disappearing year after year. And what’s a pelgrim worth without his dog? Reason why ,,Don’’ is prominently present on the photo review this year. But ,,Don’’ has a lot to spend on: there is the priory in decay above San Damiano, with 270° sea and mountain view which could be used as a traveller’s or hiker’s dwelling and the chapel of San Antonio in Caio, where the rains pour inside…