San Rocco

Today we were immersed into pre-Vatican Italy by attending the sanctuary feast of San Rocco in Guagnolo. Only once in a year the holy chapel opens it doors. So it was important being there in order to admire for the first time the interior of Guagnolo’s oldest building; dating from the 16th century if we may believe the maker of the wooden inscription on the façade of the chapel.
As we represent since the beginning of July almost the half of Guagnolo’s population – Giuliano (76) is recovering and still suffering from his accident and Rico (70) is everything, except churchminded – weeks ago already we were sollicitated by Ornella to join some kind of reception committee. Ornella is the only permanent inhabitant of the nearby borgo of Caselle. The chapel of San Rocco serves two ,,borgo’s’’: Guagnolo and Caselle. So there was not much alternative than to join this ,,club’’. Of course we love Ornella, because everything she undertakes, she does it wholehearted. And she deserves our complete support.
Back to San Rocco, it was waiting for the priest-in-black (!) for a real choral mass. Almost thirty people from the neighbourhood, mostly from the frazione San Damiano and Caio had come up, between them some real good singers. Praying was a serious practice here, some of them with lefted hands and closed eyes, no question about that… For some other ones the more worldly pleasures of a well filled dish with drinks and titbits afterwards was probably the main reason to come. Give Italians a abundant dish where you can serve yourself, taking and nibbling and sipping and nipping, and you never come away…
Astonishing how afterwards everyone waited for the priest to start with the titbits. a real priest in blackWe were present with a torta a la cicoria belga (witlof) made by Ann, the only typical Belgian specialty we could think of and which was available at Conad in this season. I tried to challenge the Italians on their own domain and made some ,,bruschette’’ with pesto, parma and marinated tomatoes. Apart of feasting San Rocco it was some kind of inauguration of ourselves into the local community of San Damiano. According to the speed in which the torta and the bruschette disappeared (in only a few minutes…), we succeeded…

4 Responses to San Rocco

  1. Pauline schreef:

    oh my god, I can not believe I missed out on all this gorgeous food!!!!

  2. ben, lize schreef:

    We knew you had it in you.

  3. Ernie schreef:

    A very impressive blog, and a very impressive meal.

    By the way, my neighbor bottled up a hundred or so bottles of wine the other day. We had some of his rhubarb wine which was a bit sweet for my taste. Wine grapes are doing terribly here this year. Very dry. Nearly a drought.

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