The delicious ,,Asparagi selvatici’’

This bundle of wild asparagus we bought them on the weekly market of Andora on Monday. They are thinner than the cultivated species, but also stronger of taste. Unluckily you have to cut almost the half of the stems away, until you keep over the soft upper parts of the stems. Just steam them a couple of minutes in salted water and afterwards stir them under in an in olive oil fried onion and piece of garlic, before mixing the whole with fresh cooked pasta. Serve with some parsley, grano padano and a dry white wine.

The wild asparagus or ,,asparagus selvatica’’ (Asparagus acutifolius) is a mediterranean ,,garrigue’’-shrub. Only the young shoots are eatable in the months of March or April. The full mature perennial shrub can attain one and a half meter. They are not to be confounded with  the ,,Ornithogalum Pyrenaicum’’. Next year I try to find the places where he grows abundantly. In the meantime I also found an Italian article in which is explained how you can grow this wild delicious vegetable from seed in your very own ,,orto’’. (1) Plans for the future.


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