About the writer

Pizzo d'Evigno

Wie schrijft, die blijft. Schrijven om jezelf aan de vergetelheid te ontrukken…

,,History is hard to keep in mind. As we struggle to keep up with the information and images, signals of information and desire that blur into eachother. Most of it is garbage, most of it needs excising, even if we fear we might be missing something. We’re probably not. We have to throw things away and work out what is worth looking at, what is worth to remember. What are the images that matter; what will be retained…” (Robert HUGHES)

In this blog you’ll find:

– European and international schoolprojects: Comenius with partnerschools in Ostend (B), Marseille (F) and Pesaro (IT); e-twinning projects with a partnerschool in Gavirate (IT); the schoollink Ostend-Banjul (The Gambia);

– writings about aesthetics, politics and marxism.

– a garden blog.

– photoblog about places on the globe we visited in recent years.

– our ,,second life” in Liguria.

– K-town.

– more personal contemplations…

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