D-day for MECE (Making Europe Count Everywhere)

Here we go for a hell of a week. Two delegations – unluckily not three, as we strived for – arrive at Ostend today for the start of a new Erasmus+ programma, MECE (Making Europe Count Everywhere). Twelve students from Germany and three teachers (Ettlingen) and later in the evening twelve students from the UK (and three teachers from Clevedon School) will be our guests for the next week.

For one week at least  our school will break out of its easy cocoon, leaving the routine: our 14-16 year old students  get European peers, alive and kicking, for free, examples of young Europeans, a generation of young people who will make us forget old crocodiles, such as , Farage, Cameron , AfD, Verhofstadt. They will learn from each other  how to make Europe better. They’ll discover their common interests and behaviours and conclude that they are all the same, sons and daughters of Europa, the Greek goddess, once seduced by Zeus.

In 2018 and 2019 our students go on counter visit to Clevedon and Ettlingen. We are ready for a new adventure after our very successful Cononect, which finished last month. There is no time left to enjoy the results of the fruitful collaboration of that project. Here are Clevedon and Ettlingen!

3 pm: arrival of Ettlingen delegation (Germany):

while our Clevedon delegation is still on the go:

arrival in Ostend at 6.03 pm: