François Juranville meets Albéric Barbier


François Juranville and Albéric Barbier brotherly united

,,What a good year for the roses… Many blooms still linger there.” Forget the text of Elvis Costello about his broken-up marriage and see how François Juranville and Albéric Barbier meet each other in our garden…

Albéric – the white, creamy one (right) – I like most, because he is completely illness-free. I managed to rooten one of his wild, unguided layers. In fact it didn’t happen by purpose. Albéric Barbier was growing so wild, that he lost himself in an old apple tree and one of his long branches touched the ground and… Last year I gave this new rose a new place and he’s now covering the crumbling concrete fence of one of my neighbours.

Albéric is unique because of his apple-flagrance, I call him our ,,Granny Smith”-rose; the deepgreen foliage is another mark.

His neighour François originally shouldn’t be there, because I intended to buy a rose ,,Zephirine Drouhin”, because of its thornlessness and the fact we had little children at that time. But typical for the garden center Floralux the plant was labeled wrong and after two years I realised I bought a ,,François Juranville” rose.

Juranville even blooms wilder than Albéric Barbier, but he suffers  from some powdery mildew and his flagrance is a little bit sweeter. Salmon pink with a yellow base, the colours change from the beginning till the end of flowering: peach to salmon-pink and with a slightly yellow undertone. It was introduced in 1906 by the same Barbier-nursery in Orléans.

Stephen Scanniello and Tania Bayard in ,,Climbing Roses”, p. 86-88: ,,Barbier used less hardy roses; many tea roses, which were common in French gardens… All of Barbier’s hybrid wichuraiana climbers combine flowers that resemble those of the pollen parent with the extreme vigor and disease resistance of the species rose… A nearly complete collection of  Barbier’s climbers grows in the gardens at La Roseraie de l’Haÿ-les Roses, near Paris… René Barbier was renowned for the climbers he created in the early part of the 20th century”. Between 1900 and 1933 they created 23 climbers and ramblers.

The Théâtre de Verdure de la Roseraie

The Théâtre de Verdure de la Roseraie.

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